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Firstlight Media’s a start of something new – a fresh company on the global media arena – but we are far from new to the business! Firstlight Media was founded by Martin Königsmark and Ignas Scheynius, both well regarded within the media industry. Martin has a background in management and marketing and has held several managerial positions at different localization companies. Ignas is known as co-founder and former president of Millennium Media Group, as well as founder of the Stockholm International Film Festival.

Firstlight Media is a spirited, swift and highly efficient localization company. By combining smart technologies, using reliable and scalable workflows and working with professional linguists and talents, Firstlight Media is able to offer high-quality services on a global scale.

We care about making a difference for our clients. Our team has vast experience in all of our service areas and is at your disposal from pre-project start to final delivery, giving you full control of your assets and making sure you hit your deadlines, your budget and that your content is safe and understood worldwide.

Firstlight Media AB is a localization company offering subtitling, dubbing and media processing services to the corporate and entertainment industry. Through our main offices in Stockholm, Sweden, we cover all aspects of localization, making us a true one-stop-shop in terms of getting your content out in the global arena.