Translation & Subtitling. For productions world wide.

Let’s localize

Translation and subtitling is our DNA, the core and passion of what we do all day. Our worldwide network of professional subtitlers is at your disposal at any time, each of them experts in getting your content localized and understood in their home markets.

Our equally passionate and professional in-house team of project managers are here to guide you through every step of the process, regardless if you need help creating subtitles for a short commercial into a single language or you have multiple seasons of a series and require subtitles into 80 languages.

In order to get a project started, just get in touch with one of our project managers. Together we’ll go through your project in detail, establishing the timescale and delivery formats. Once we get started, we’ll keep you up to date along the way as necessary.

Our subtitlers – the real experts

We consider our team of subtitlers to be our biggest asset. They are after all the ones that localize your content and make sure it’s understood. Each one has been hand picked and vetted to make sure they master the art of subtitling. They know how to get your message across with all the details intact!

Technology, workflows and security

Firstlight Media’s The Core is the cloud-based project management tool that ties everything together, from project start to final invoicing. It allows us to create client specific, adjustable workflows and keep track of projects to make sure we always deliver high-quality subtitles and translations on time. It gives clients an equally detailed view of project progress and instant access to materials.

The Core is highly automated and will match a suitable translator or QC’er based on language combinations and areas of expertise. It is furthermore linked to our cloud-based subtitling tools as well as our media asset management system Organizer, utilizing NexGuard forensic watermarking and enabling us to keep your content safe and secure at all times.

Our subtitling tools can also be accessed by clients, where subtitles can be reviewed prior to final delivery should this be required. Client’s can either post comments or make direct changes in a specific subtitle, which are then automatically passed on to the project manager in charge.