Localization services. What we do all day.

Localization is all about getting the message across barriers caused by, primarily language, but also other factors such as social and cultural context. At Firstlight Media we have a vast experience in taking messages across the globe in a precise and effective way.  We are a full service localization agency offering subtitling, dubbing and media processing services to the corporate and entertainment industry.

Our management team operates from our main offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and through a global network of more than 1500 experts within translation, voice over, dubbing and subtitling, we cover all aspects of localization. Firstlight Media is a true one-stop-shop in terms of getting your content out in the global arena.

Dubbing & Voice over

Our team has extensive experience in dubbing and voice over for complex and multi-faceted projects into multiple languages. We offer a total solution from translation to recording of dubbing and voice over into almost any target language required.

Translation & Subtitling

Though our global network of hand picked subtitlers we deliver translation and subtitling for almost any language required. Our services take the content of your video across language barriers with all the details intact.